I fell in love with the circus at the age of 24. I read an article in a magazine that featured the fearless dames of the turn of the century circus. These women were daring, diverse and elegant. That article encouraged me to investigate further. The circus was the first place women were paid the same as men for equal work, it was the first service industry to become industrialized, and in many instances it was the only venue for people to see animals from other countries, which at that time was a very uncommon sighting.

It was this passion for the circus that made me decide to take up trapeze at the ripe ol’ age of 31. I had finally achieved my goal of doing ‘a’ chin up (which took 8 months of training) and realized that I wanted to do more with my new found strength. Circus was the answer! I found Monica’s Danz Gym after some relentless searching and enrolled in classes as soon as I could.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege to do some traveling and where possible, I try to visit the local circus school to expand my skills. I have recently returned from London, where I took an aerial hoop class at Circus Space . Circus Space is an amazing venue. It is an old electricity generating station filled with high ceilings. While I waited for my class, I watched a class of unicyclists learn how to jump rope on their apparatus and a flying trapeze class practising their momentum gaining techniques.

Warm up for my class was mostly cardio compared to our muscle group warm up and stretching. It was much harder than I expected! The hoops we worked on were much lighter and smaller than the hoops at MDG so it was strange getting accustomed to a new apparatus. The ladies in the class were varying in age and skill level. Two things that did remain consistent was the delight in each person’s eyes when they amazed themselves with how they could push their bodies and the joy showing off of calluses!

Circus Femme Fatale: Tiny Kline – The first Tinkerbell