This summer has presented our studio with several opportunities to learn & explore the aerial arts in so many different ways! Our director, Monica Goermann, found solace in yet another form of flying this summer in Sarasota, FL, where she spent two weeks discovering her inner Yogi. She took off to the south to become a certified teacher in the art of Flying Aerial Yoga at Circusoul with director Kerry Tice. Here’s a little glimpse into her amazing trip!

What made you decide to take this course? Was it a spontaneous decision, or something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time?

I have been wanting to take an aerial yoga course for some time now. I first discovered the discipline on the low-flying trapeze at the International Dance Festival in Boulder, CO, and I loved the way it made me feel from the start. With this course being offered in July, it was perfect timing–everything aligned itself just right.

Can you describe Flying Aerial Yoga?

Flying Aerial Yoga is yoga practiced in the air: you use a special yoga hammock, a continuous piece of fabric forming a hammock with two single slip knots, one on either side. The attached ropes are adjustable in order to accommodate for the different heights required for the different poses. This hammock enables you to stretch deeper with greater ease; the practice leaves you feeling accomplished, rejuvenated, and almost blissful. 🙂

Who were some of your favourite teachers?

I can’t name any particular teachers as my favourite, as all the teachers who were a part of the course were very good & had their own effective ways of relaying their message & information.

Did anything have a particularly strong impact on you? What would you say was the most important thing you learned?

Taking this course had a great impact on my body–I became stronger and more flexible than I’ve been in a very long time. Practicing aerial yoga showed me a new way to manage my stress, feel good physically, and put me more at ease.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

My biggest challenge was letting go of the idea that the course may be too much for me to handle, and that I was not ready for it. Once I let go & stayed open to learning and trying new things, I immensely enjoyed the process! It freed my mind, enabling me to let go of old fears.

Tell us about your favourite moment or memory on this trip.

I have too many favourite moments to count! But two that truly stick out were learning to flip in the hammock, executing a move called the “Spider-Monkey,” and a field trip we took on the last day of the course. As Kerry, the director, still practices flying trapeze, we got the chance to fly among the trees in his coach’s backyard trapeze set up! Though climbing the ladder had the butterflies going a little bit, flying on the trapeze was tons of fun! (Don’t worry–we were hooked in with a harness!) And it’s especially cool to be able to say I did that now.

Thanks, Monica! We’ll be looking forward to seeing aerial yoga at the studio!


Keep an eye out for more on what we’ve been up to this summer!


Monica Handstand