Get Aerial Ninja Strong!

Want to build your strength for aerial?  Wish you had more endurance while in the air?  Embrace your inner ninja and join us for our Aerial Ninja workshop to help you build your strength. November 30th from 12pm – 1pm $20

Thank You To Our Boston Booster Sponsors

A big thank you to goes out the sponsors that generously contributed to the Momentum Boston Booster on October 18 (LGA 4446-RF). Academy Bowling Lanes Amazin’ Corn / Amazin’ Ziplines Aloha Nails Boston Pizza CanadInns Jeff Marshalok Pratt’s Wholesale...

Upcoming Momentum Performances

Momentum is pleased to be preforming Nov. 17th at this year’s Ice Crystal Gala in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Momentum will also be preforming at the WSO’s A Prairie Christmas Celebration on Dec. 14th at 2pm.