Hello MDG Family,

October 30, 2020 was a BIG Day. The government announcement to declare CODE RED in Winnipeg due to the pandemic was difficult to hear. Additionally, Friday was my mother’s birthday. A day our family celebrated by staying by her side in thought and prayer as she is fighting for her life. Early on the morning of Sunday, November 1, she passed peacefully beneath the lingering light of the full moon. Why am I sharing this personal detail of my family? I am sharing this with you because I am who I am because of the values instilled in me by my mother and father.

My parents have always led by example. They lived through war, poverty and health challenges. My mother has a natural joyful fierceness about her – even towards the end of her time with us. My father believes it is best to be strong in the face of adversity, look forward and see the possible in the impossible. I have a request of you. Please email me through the MDG website ONLY if you have something positive to share.

Many of you have opted to pay for class fees in instalments. The next instalment for MDG class fees was due November 1. I will hold the cheques for November 1. We will evaluate the status of restrictions due to COVID as laid out by the Province. When the Province changes the status back to allowing classes to resume in the studio, I will require an explicit email acknowledging that we can deposit your November instalment cheque. If you are in a position to allow the November instalment cheque to be deposited at this time according to the original plan on November 1, please email director@monicasdanzgym.com as soon as possible. In order for MDG to successfully move forward we will require your cooperation and response in a timely fashion.

Yes – the studio will be officially closed as of November 2. MDG ZOOM classes will begin on November 2 AND we will maintain the existing schedule as much as possible. Information and the ZOOM class link will be sent out a day before the usual class time. Additionally, we will add classes to the original end of the 2020-2021 season to make up for the in-studio classes missed at this time.

Anyone who has classes on Monday, you will receive a ZOOM link by tomorrow morning at the latest. The rest of the ZOOM links will follow.

Movement brings joy. Positive movement builds confidence and strength of body, mind and spirit. Right now, it is even more important than ever to stay physically challenged and active. At MDG we strive to inspire individuals to grow by exploring joyful movement. I look forward to receiving your positive and uplifting emails through director@monicasdanzgym.com.

Thank you for listening and supporting MDG. Stay positive. Be well. Look for joy in every nook and cranny possible.

Yours in Dance,
Monica Goermann
Director – Entrepreneur – Optimist – Monica’s Danz Gym