World Gymnaestrada

What is Gymnaestrada?
The World Gymnaestrada is an international, non-competitive gymnastics festival that takes place every four years. It is the largest event organized by the FIG, with over 20 000 participants of varying gender, age, race, religion, culture, ability and social status. The goal of the festival is to bring together a large group of people from around the world to celebrate a shared love of movement and creativity in the context of gymnastics. Gymnaestrada falls under the category of Gymnastics for All, where the focus is on the health, fitness and overall well-being of participants. Diversity is celebrated, and international cooperation is an integral element of the festival.

Why go?
The Gymnaestrada gives team members the opportunity to meet athletes from across the world and perform on an international stage. It is an incredibly inspiring opportunity to see how people do dance, gymnastics and acrobatics in other nations and make friends from other countries.


2019 – Dorbirn AUT

  • Large Group Performance (Stronger Together)
  • Canadian Night (Ça Claque)
  • City Performance (We Met Her Along the Way)

2015 – Helsinki FIN

  • FIG Gala (Space for a Crowded World)
  • PAGU Gala (Northern Lights)

2011 – Lausanne SUI

  • FIG Gala (SO!)

2007 – Dornbirn AUT

  • Large Group Perofmrnace (One World, One Voice)
  • PAGU Gala (Ancient Voices)

2003 – Lisbon POR

  • Large Group Performance (Earth Bound, Heaven Sent)
2015 World Gymnaestrada (Helsinki FIN)
2011 World Gymnaestrada (Lausanne SUI)