About Studio

Monica’s Danz Gym, located between Waverly Street and Route 90 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, (see map) started off looking much like a warehouse, but after much consideration for the needs of your children and our classes, the Gym was transformed into an incredibly functional space with two professionally equipped classrooms. Monica’s Danz Gym was established in 1993 by Monica Goermann, well known Canadian National and Olympic Gymnast, who was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After her successful career as a competitive gymnast Monica had was a coach and choreographer for the Guatemalan National Team and eventually returned to Winnipeg to open Monica’s Danz Gym. Today Monica’s offers students, at all levels, a unique dance experience with classes like:

  • Acro Danz
  • Kinder Danz
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Aerial Danz
  • Hoop and Trapeze
  • Clowning Around
  • Boy’s NRG Movement
  • And more!

Both studios offer specially designed sub floors for safety and dancer comfort. The larger of the two studios was specially engineered to strict standards to accommodate aerial dance, hoop and trapeze work as well as some specialty equipment for “clowning around”, including a tight rope!

Preserving Our Space

The studio lobby is an outdoor footwear FREE zone for everyone, including parents. This helps to ensure our special flooring is not exposed to the damage that small stones and salt can impose.

Health First!

To help keep everyone healthy, we request all students and teachers wash hands or use hand sanitizer before coming into each class. Hand sanitizer is always easily accessible at the Gym.

Peanut Free!

The studio is a “Peanut Free Zone”. Please ensure that any snacks brought into the studio are peanut free.


Our underlying philosophy of fun and enthusiastic guidance fosters learning and inspires students to reach for personal potential.

– Monica Goermann, Artistic Director and Choreographer