Anatomy & Aerial Dance

In this 3-part workshop, Liz shares the anatomy of aerial dance for a better understanding of strength, flexibility, and injury prevention in your training.  Using different exercises and progressions, explore how our joints and muscles work to make our aerial skills more efficient and enjoyable.

Week 1:  The Shoulder – our foundation for all aerial dance!  How do our shoulders work and how do we keep them strong and injury-free?

Week 2:  Core, Spine, & Hips – while we’re hanging from our shoulders, the rest of our body has to come along for the ride too!  How do we use our core, spine, and hip muscles for easier movement?

Week 3:  Putting it all together – Inversions!  One of the challenges in aerial arts is building consistent & comfortable inversions.  Understanding the anatomy and physics behind upside down movements helps demystify them, what works & why.

$25 for one class or $60 for the three. Pre-registration required.

Monday 8-9:15 PM
September 30, October 7, October 14 2019