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Important Year End Show Details

Click here for all of the important information regarding our year end shows including dress reherasal and tech rehersal details. Videos will be made available again this year.  Please fill out this form. Tickets are available online. La Vie Llena – Click Here Gesundheit – Click Here The Ties That Bind – Click Here   […]

On Happy Handstands


Sometimes it’s important to look back on where you started, in order to see how far you’ve come. I wasn’t always able to hold a handstand. At this point in my life, it’s a funny thing to think about. I am pretty sure my name has become synonymous with the word “handstand” for most of […]

Be Well


Fitness: it’s one of the most popular buzzwords on social media today. Search it, and you’ll find hundreds of hashtags dedicated to the cult of self-improvement. We’re told we’re supposed to “be fit.” Try this class tomorrow, and this juice detox next week. Get a membership here, and we’ll give you all the tips and […]